Yes, all of our autographed products are 100% authentic. Every piece of autographed memorabilia you buy from us will come with a certificate of authenticity from a well respected company such as Upper Deck Authenticated, Steiner Sports, and many others which you can see by pressing the certificates button on the top.
Yes we can. If there is any item that you are interested in and don't see on our site, you can request it by pressing the requests button in the customer service section. If you make a request we will get back to you right away, to tell you if we can get it and how much that item will cost.
Our site is very user friendly. There are many ways to find what you are looking for. One way is to use the search engine. Our search engine is located on the bottom left of the navigation bar. It is a Player Last Name search which means all you have to do is type in the last name of the player you are looking for, and all the items we have of that player will come up, ex: Jeter. We also have an "Advance Search" option that allows you to search by "Sport", "Team Name", and "Celebrity" categories. The next option is to press the category you are looking for, ex: Framed Photos. When you do this a list will come up starting with players who's last name starts with the letter A. On the top you have a choice of all the letters in the alphabet to look through. Just press a letter and a list of all the items in that category starting with that letter will appear. Other ways to search is by "New Arrivals" and "Sale Items" options on the Top navigation bar, and the "Game Used Items" and "Hot Players" shown on the Home page. One final way you can search for items, is by certificate of authenticity. By pressing on the certificate logo on the right, such as Upperdeck Authenticated, Steiner Sports, etc., you will be able to see all the items that we have, which are certified by that company.
In most cases they are, but all the pictures are sample photos. We have more than one of each item so the photo you are seeing may not be the photo of the exact item. The only time you will notice is if the item is a limited edition piece. If it is a limited edition piece, the picture you see might say for example 27 out of 100, and you might get 34/100. That is the only time where you will notice a difference between the image and what you receive.
To order, simply press the thumbnail photo of the item you are looking for. When you do this a description page will come up which will show a larger photo of the item. At the bottom right of the description page is an add to shopping cart button. Press the button and it will bring you to a secure shopping cart. If you have everything you want, press check out. There it will ask you if you are ordering from NY, for tax purposes. After that it will give you the option of ordering by credit card, for yourself or as a gift. When you press order by credit card, you will now be sent to a secure page that will ask for your credit card and billing information.
The special order link comes up when we are currently out of stock of that item. However, we can order it for you. If you would like us to order it for you, press the special order link and send the e-mail.
You can pay by credit card. We take PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you would like to pay by check just e-mail us by pressing contact us under customer service.
We offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING on U.S. Orders over $100. However for orders outside of the United States shipping and handling charges will be added. You will receive an e-mail notification of the shipping charges before your card is billed.
Yes. If you see the exact same item somewhere else for a cheaper price, it comes with the same certificate of authenticity, and they have the item in stock we will match the price. If this occurs please e-mail us at customerservice@cardboardmemories.com, and give us the address of the site where you had seen the item, so we can confirm it to be true.
You have 14 days to notify us of any unwanted merchandise. No returns will be accepted after the 14 days have expired. If you need to return your merchandise, please call us. You must have a copy of your original invoice. The original Certificate of Authenticity for all items must also be included in the return package. Cardboard Memories is not responsible for payment of shipping charges for unwanted merchandise to and from the customer.
If you join our mailing list you will be able to receive annoucements about Charity Events, Player Signings, and Special Sales. If after joining our mail list you decide you want to unsubscribe, you can do so by sign-in under your member name and changing your contact information.
If your order is damaged during shipment, please save the carton, inner, packing materials, certificate of Authenticity and the damaged goods prices. Call Cardboard Memories immediately to report damages. A Representative of the delivering carrier will contact you to inspect damages. If Cardboard Memories has not been notified within 7 days of shipment arrival, we assume that the order is received in good condition and accept no liability for damages, shortage or manufacturing defects.